Big News!

Puderbruder has moved! Since October 30th, 2020 PuderBruder can be reached under the domain „puderbruder“! Why did I move? My blog should also be found at the domain under the name PuderBruder. It also offers me new and better functions to optimize my blog. So that the quality of the blog improves and I can […]

9 Reasons Why You Should Cook By Yourself

Many people argue against self-cooking. The words “time-consuming”, “difficult” or even “expensive” are used. The truth looks however differently. There are more reasons to cook for yourself than against it.

Selfmade caramel – syrup and firm caramel

Caramel fits everywhere – in coffee, in cakes, in chocolate or with ice cream. And this is why I have two recipes for you to make caramel by yourself – a recipe for caramel syrup and a recipe for hard caramel. Perfect for every person who loves caramel!

Berry cheesecake

You ever thought about a cheesecake with berry purée? I have good news for you. This cheesecake is made with berry purée. From the berries the cake has the refreshing touch and it’s light to the stomache. With its color it’s an eye-catcher.


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